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Watson & Associates, LLC offers small business program services, 8a certification legal services within numerous industry groups across the country including the following:

The computer and consumer electronics industries are changing rapidly with the introduction of new technologies and increasing competition. Since government agencies spend hundreds of millions of dollars in computer products and services, it is more important than ever for companies to build a reputable and recognizable brand while introducing new and unique products to the marketplace. Our SBA 8a certification consultants and SBA lawyers help 8a companies and contractors, small and large businesses navigate through the procurement laws, develop internal controls that make federal procurements and profitable business decisions, and provide personal consulting and legal services on intellectual property issues.

With the medical and pharmaceutical industries under constant scrutiny, our SBA 8a Program lawyers assist 8a companies providing medical services and products to the federal government by providing both legal and consulting services for. We also specialize in proposal writing, government contract compliance, and the minimizing of adverse actions.

The aerospace and defense manufacturing industry is a high-tech industry focused on the design, manufacturing, and assembly of transportation vehicles and defense systems. At Watson & Associates, our broad range of expertise provides defense 8a contractors with cost effective resolutions that impact their relationship with agencies that minimize risks in the development of internal policies, and increase the overall bottom line.

Watson offers one of the most cost-effective and practical government SBA 8a Program teams in the country. 8a certified companies that are new to federal procurement can utilize our consulting services to gain solutions that are effective and minimizes waste of corporate dollars. Larger companies that seek to improve their bottom line, create internal controls that minimize risks and adverse actions, use our legal services to meet those critical objectives. Federal procurement law is complex. Not all corporate attorneys understand this unique area of law and sometimes need our help. Contractors can come to us for creative agreements, one-stop shopping for practically all-federal contracting matters.

Watson is committed to developing relationships with our clients on a proactive basis, creating strategic plans and managing legal solutions that identify and cure potential problems before they occur. This approach to the 8a Program  is not only smart, but is efficient and cost effective and significantly enhances our clients’ opportunities for success.

Proposed legislature can impact your business. This can happen by increasing costs or limiting your opportunities. Our 8a application and appeal lawyers, who monitor legislature that impacts your industry, can assist you in effectively responding to proposed rules in the Federal Register. Our services will provide up-to-date information, advocacy responses in regard to legal matters, and even assist in the preparation for testimony.

Construction helps keeps the economy moving forward. The downside, however, can be that sometimes bills are not paid by the owner, payment bond claims are made against you, or construction injury may occur on your project. You need sound legal advice and counsel on how the decisions you make can impact your company’s bottom line. In federal contracts, filing a claim or submitting a request for equitable adjustment or even file a bid protest is sometimes required. Our attorneys provide guidance and legal representation on government contracting matters.

This is one of the most pressing issues in government policy. Whether the issue is global warming or the economic meltdown. There are billions of dollars invested into green technology, which continues to impact the economy by creating new jobs. With an integrated practice group designed to address all of the related issues, Watson & Associates is helping clients find the answers and position their businesses for new opportunities. If you are seeking to introduce new research and development projects to the federal government, our procurement experts can provide guidance in the SIBIRS projects.

Manufacturers experience unique propositions during the every-day business activity. Product compliance disputes, delays, and breach of contract matters often arise. Our guidance and representation in these matters are premised on your company getting the best possible result without ruining your reputation or relationships.

Government installations always want to present a clean appearance for visitors and the general public. Landscaping and grounds maintenance government contracts are typically one base year and four option years in duration. Our firm can assist your company with proposal writing or legal advice.

Commercial transportation is the heartbeat of our economy. Issues such as national security, safety, and regulatory concerns make this industry full of critical undertakings. Given the undertakings and the complex regulatory schemes, companies require access to legal counsel to handle the intricate details while the business events continue.

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